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Hello there again!

As you probably noticed from my last post, I’m a huge fan of League Of Legends and i always look for new hacks and cheats for league of legends to help me and make my life easier and a lot more fun!

This post is just a reminder that you can get all the exclusive skin codes(like pax sivir or pax jax) you want from this site.

In addition to a great variety of skin codes you can also get some brand new fun hacks!

The first one i’m gonna introduce to you is the All-In-One League of Legends Hack.It includes a great range of features including the best on there is: Maphack for League Of Legends.To be more precise it isn’t exactly a full maphack feature, but a Revealer.This means you’re able to see the enemy that’s in around 2000-3000 range with a high precision.I really like this feature and you can see it working in this video if you have patience to watch it all.

The Second feature it’s League Of Legends zoomhack.This is a straight forward feature.It gives you a lot more vision range so you can see Shaco’s decoy.This feature together with the Maphack(Revealer) will make sure you’ll never die again in lane!

The next feature is called League Of Legends Skinhack.With this feature you can play with absolutely any skin you want.Did you miss the first christmas skins?No problem you can now play with Snow Bunny Nidalee or Olympic Games Amumu skin!

The last feature it’s the most complex one.Basically this software is a core to which you can add ANYTHING you want.There are scripts that last hit for you , land a full ezreal combo on the enemy or Auto-Smite the objectives for you!

I know, pretty awesome right?!go on and try it , you won’t regret it!

Also don’t forget to check the latest Riot Points Generator , working as of today!



What is Pax Sivir

pax sivir codes

free league of legends pax sivir

Hello and welcome to the page dedicated to Pax Sivir!

First of all, if you don’t know Sivir is a champion in the ultra-popular game League of Legends!She’s a female character that plays the role of an AD carry. Like the name suggests she has the role of carrying the game, which means winning it!

League of Legends is a free-to-play game, this means they have to get their income from other sources. They do so by selling extra features called skins. These skins do not influence the gameplay at all, they’re purely esthetic. You can buy them with Riot Points, which you purchase with credit card/prepaid cards , Paypal or by SMS. With 10 bucks you can buy up to 2 skins, more if they’re on sale!

However not all the skins are permanently available. Some of them were either removed from the store, and remain as legacy skins, skins with a limited period of availability or skins that you couldn’t purchase at all from the store. These skins that were never in the store include the Pax skins, released yearly and available only for people at the event. You can find these skins on Ebay but their prices grew from 3-5$ to over 500$ for the first skin released(Pax Twisted Fate). However, Ebay is not the only site from which you can get them! Many people find their pax sivir skin codes unused in some random drawer and decide to give them away for free! They’re called giveaway, and if you’re lucky you might get one! If Riot keeps it’s word, these skin will NEVER be available again in the store. If you have the opportunity to get such a Skin (Pax Twisted Fate,Pax Sivir, Arcade Sona) for free, even for 3-5$ you should go for it!